Calling all REST Trainers™! As we prepare to celebrate National Family Caregiving Month, now is a great time to schedule a REST Companion class in your community.

Scheduling a REST training course at this time also seems ideal, as this year’s theme – RESPITE! Care for Caregivers – aptly coincides with the REST vision:
“Creating an international network of organizations that prepares individuals to support caregivers through respite.”

National Family Caregiver Month takes place each November and provides the opportunity to thank, support, educate and empower family caregivers, according to Caregiver Action Network, which coordinates the commemoration. Training new respite care workers, paid and unpaid, to provide respite care is a great way to support and empower caregivers.

Many caregivers feel overwhelmed and stressed with the responsibility of caring for their family member at home. Providing the opportunity for them to step away, knowing their loved ones will be well cared for, means so much, as this caregiver from Tennessee attests:

“My respite volunteer showed great respect and kindness toward Edith, giving her hugs, greeting her by name, and taking special care, like raising her gently to her wheelchair. It gave me peace of mind to enjoy some free time to go out for a cup of coffee, grocery shop and attend caregiver support group meetings.”

National Family Caregiving Month allows us to raise awareness of family caregiver issues, and honor caregivers throughout the nation – 90 million strong. It also provides the opportunity to recognize the crucial role you, our REST Trainers, play in expanding the network of quality respite care throughout the nation.

After you schedule your class, we welcome you to post it onto our website, as well as purchase training supplies through our trainer portal at Through November, we are offering a 10% discount on all Participant Guide orders up to 50 to our current trainers. Use Coupon Code REST10 at checkout.