Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had the privilege of meeting many inspiring and dedicated professionals who have a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of caregivers throughout our nation.

While attending the n4a Answers on Aging 41st annual conference and trade show in San Diego, we met representatives from a wide range of advocacy organizations that serve the aging population. While there, we had the opportunity to present our latest research, which shows the effectiveness of REST in preparing individuals to provide quality respite care to families.

That same week, we held a REST course at Na Hoaloha, a community-based organization that serves individuals in Maui County, Hawaii.

REST training courses will take place throughout the nation, including three new states: Colorado, Michigan and Minnesota.  Caregivers will gain greater access to respite/breaks by utilizing trained REST Companions™ who attend courses being conducted in their local communities.

The mission and vision of REST has resonated with so many. Our train-the-trainer program prepares individuals to conduct respite training, equipping REST Companions to provide respite, in order to support caregivers who are caring for people with disabilities and health care needs across the lifespan.

Respite – or short-term temporary relief – means so much to caregivers. They can step away from their caregiving duties and return refreshed and recharged. Knowing they are leaving their loved ones with REST Companions, who have been well trained, provides an added benefit: peace of mind.

To learn more about REST, and how your organization can build a network of support for caregivers, visit: www.restprogram.org